PLEASE TAKE THESE STEPS TO URGE SUPPORT For the South Central Minnesota Passenger Rail Corridor:

STEP 1: Email Members of the Transportation Conference Committee (find emails HERE); and save and send the same message to Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan (click on the link and scroll down to post your message, or call the Governor and leave a message at 651-201-3400

Pass a Transportation budget that includes $500,000 for the South Central Minnesota Rail Corridor Study (HF1393/SF2365) and funds requested for Statewide Passenger Rail Plan!! Invest in a transportation future for Minnesota that includes regional passenger rail for Greater Minnesota

Thats all you need to say, but if you want to say more, click HERE (20+ Reasons t bring back Regional Passenger Rail!) Make Your Case! Why do you support regional passenger rail for Minnesota ? Use specific real life examples of the difference that passenger rail will make for you and your family and our State! . . . . and planet!

  • “Help build a future transportation system in which all Minnesotans access the opportunities of this great state, without having to own a car.”
  • “Move Minnesota into a clean energy economy by reintroducing regional passenger rail service on existing rail lines designated in our State Rail Plan!”
  • “All Minnesotans deserve access to the opportunities of this Great State! Let’s build a future Transportation system that includes regional passenger rail service on the existing rail corridors designated in the Minnesota Statewide Rail Plan!” 

Close by saying Thank you for your consideration, and for your support of regional passenger rail service for Southern Minnesota! HF1393/SF2365!  
Save and Copy your message.

STEP II: Send a copy of your message to your Hometown State Representative and Senator (click HERE to find the name, email and phone numbers of YOUR Legislators).  Note: emails to legislators from areas outside of Northfield are especially helpful; so if you are from a MN community outside of Northfield, please email your hometown representatives and make clear that you are a constituent of their District).

STEP III. Spread word!   Urge friends and family to join you in taking these 3 Steps to bring regional passenger rail service back to Greater Minnesota!

Calls and emails are especially the week of May 3 – May 7.


Thank you for your support!