Representatives Alice Hausman (D-Saint Paul) and Todd Lippert (D-Northfield), and Senator Sandy Pappas (D-StPaul) have introduced HF1393 /SF2365 (below) authorizing the general funds needed for the required Engineering Study of the South Central Minnesota (Albert-Lea to Twin Cities) Passenger Rail Corridor.

An additional bill HF1639/SF1962 (below) introduced by Rep. Alice Hausman (D-St Paul) and Senators Miller (R-Winona) Goggin (R-Red Wing) and Pappas (D- St Paul) authorizes $160 million in bonding needed to continue development of all other Phase One passenger rail corridors designated in the Minnesota Statewide Rail Plan.

As of May 2, neither of these bills are included in the Transportation budgets proposed by the Minnesota House and Senate  HF1684 and  SF 1159 respectively.