20+ Reasons For Regional Passenger Rail

The Minnesota Statewide Rail Plan outlines a vision for the phased development of regional passenger rail service on a statewide network of existing rail lines, including a newly designated (2015) passenger rail corridor that connects South Central Minnesota (Albert Lea, Owatonna, Faribault, Northfield) to both of the Twin Cities, and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Inter-Campus Busway, on existing rail line.

Here is a starter list of 20+ Reasons why regional passenger rail is a good thing for Minnesota! Regional passenger rail …

  • introduces a means of public transit through which to re-connect the reaches of Greater Minnesota with the large urban centers of our state and upper midwest region
  • reduces wear and tear on Minnesota roadways by transferring traffic from roads to rails, and in so doing helps highway dollars go further! 
  • provides a safe and reliable means of regional public transit with which all Minnesotans can access work, education and opportunity without the expense of owning a car
  • enhances the competitiveness of Minnesota’s post-secondary schools [Click HERE for College/University Reasons for Passenger Rail]
  • provides a safe mode of regional public transit for Minnesota seniors 
  • invests in and maximizes the use of existing rail infrastructure
  • improves the safety of rail crossings and reduces the need for freight whistles at rail crossings
  • enhances the economic development and vitality of Greater Minnesota communities located on or near passenger rail corridors
  • multiplies ridership on first- and last-mile transit options (e.g. local transit buses, taxis, rideshares, vanpools and bike/pedestrian infrastructure) hat connect with passenger rail corridors 
  • enhances the ability of cities on the rail line to retain young people and attract new young people to build their future locally 
  • keeps Minnesota cities in step with competitor cities in other States
  • transforms wasted hours of “windshield time” into productive work or recreational downtime for Minnesotans who shitch from road to rail travel 
  • helps to relieve the daily choke of rush hour traffic at the intersection of I-94 and 35W or on the Crosstown
  • makes it possible for youth to get to or attend Minnesota Colleges without the considerable expense of owning a car [ See College Benefits list HERE]
  • helps Minnesota build a green economy
  • directly supports over 35 rail- related industries located in Minnesota
  • reduces carbon emissions and helps Minnesota to achieve our State’s carbon reduction goals
  • improves air quality 
  • makes for an all-round better way to travel
  • introduces a more universally accessible means of regional travel – for all Minnesotans
  • makes Minnesota an even more attractive as a place to live, work, invest, start a business, start a family and/or retire!

Click HERE for a list of 20+ College/University Reasons for Regional Passenger Rail Service for Minnesota – to see how regional passenger rail service benefits Minnesota’s post-secondary schools and students!  

Help us build this list! Email us with your reasons for regional passenger rail – and we will add your suggestions to this list. Thank you for your support!