Advertising on the Monorail

Seattle Center Monorail is a fast, direct way to travel between downtown Seattle’s Westlake Center Mall and Seattle Center. Built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the Monorail is an historic Seattle landmark and celebrates its 60th anniversary on March 24, 2022.

The Monorail travels along a one-mile route between downtown and Seattle Center—the trip takes approximately 2 minutes. Because the train travels on an elevated guide-way, there is no street traffic to contend with and the train has excellent visibility in the city. This eco-friendly transportation option is powered by electricity with no carbon emissions. The Monorail carried over 2 million passengers in 2018. 

Route – 1 mile/2 minutes (every 10 mins) – Stations + location

Seattle Center Monorail is a city icon and travels 25’ above 5th Avenue between Seattle Center and heart of downtown. The Monorail has many unique advertising opportunities available. Below are some examples. Please reach out with questions and inquiries.

Station Banner

Station Banners, Seattle Center

Banners can be hung within the loading zone at the Seattle Center Monorail Station.


  • Two (2) banners, each 95” wide by 36” tall.
  • Scrim banner with grommets
Seat Back Banner

Seat Back Banners, One Train

Custom graphics can be displayed inside one of the Monorail on train seat backs.


  • Six (6) graphics, 33” wide by 18” tall
  • Printed on wall noodle (low-tack, reposition-able vinyl)
Train Door Window Cling

Door Window Clings

Clear static window clings are viewable both inside and outside of the train. 


  • Eight (8) train door window clings, approximately 41.4”H x 34.5”W
  • Clear static cling with reverse print and white ink.
  • “Caution Automatic Door” signage (6.5” diameter) must be incorporated into the artwork to comply with safety standards (see template).
Skylight Cling

Skylight Window Clings, One Train

Skylight clings are printed on Phototex material so the design is visible for passengers inside the train. 


  • Sixteen (16) clings with artwork 15.63” tall by 57” wide (use of SMS-provided template is required)

Rack Card Distribution

Rack card holders at both Westlake Center and Seattle Center Monorail Stations have excellent visibility for passengers waiting to ride the Monorail. Advertiser may choose one or both platforms.


  • Cards must be 4” wide by 9” tall
  • Westlake Station: 3 holders available
  • Seattle Center Station: 2 holders available
  • Advertiser is responsible for production, printing, and delivery costs associated with the rack cards.
Ticket Back

Custom Ticket Backs

Custom design will be printed on the back of the ticket. 


  • Artwork is 3.5” wide by 1.98” tall
  • Image from ticket back proof from Amlon
  • 250k, 500k, 1mil, Price/1000, Total
  • *Art, Plates and Freight Included

There is a six-week process from the time artwork is provided to when tickets are delivered.

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